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We believe that every individual is different. Our mission is to merge the uniqueness of our products with the exclusivity of your personality to ensure you stand out from the rest.

Today’s generation of mobile phones are more than just phones; they are also a fashion statement. Ace Case specialises in designing products with a creative twist, breaking away from the standard corporate cases available on the market today.

Ace Case understands the costs involved in owning the most recent gadgets and how we all like to keep them looking as pristine as possible. We want a case which is unique yet allows both your iPhone 4/4S and iPad to be protected and stay functional.

Ace Case’s range of lightweight plastic and silicone cases guarantee to safeguard your iPhone and iPad and ensure they have a prolonged shelf-life. Our iphone 4 cases & iphone 4s cases & iphone 5 cases & iPhone 5s cases aesthetically please with our great range of unique products, having various prices, designs & materials to choose from. We also provide uniquely designed ipad 2 cases and the new ipad 3 cases & ipad mini cases in store. We have a range of materials from soft micro fibre, coated plastics and silicone to protect your iPad device yet keeping it looking stylish and fresh.