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Date added: 01/07/2016 Clear Touch

Date added: 25/04/2013 The Latest Trends in Mobile Game App Development

Mobile Game Apps have evolved through years, and we have seen that mobile games are just not limited to online games, multiplayer games, or real time games. A radical change could be seen in the gaming sector ever since 2012. Animation and graphics have been an integral part of Game development, but the need for enhanced visuals and effects has amplified the scope for Game developers and Graphic Artists.


One of the most noted trend is of course, the Smartphones and Tablets replacing the traditional gaming consoles and computer games. Game apps have influenced the app development market and are providing a larger chunk to the profit percentage. Few other changes include – a rise in women gamers when compared to the previous years, a growing number of game development companies, and a growing demand for innovative game apps.

Apart from these noted changes, here is a list of some of the latest trends in the gaming sector.

Cloud Gaming or popularly known as the gaming on demand is one of the most significant emerging trend in the Gaming arena. It is claimed as one of the most cost effective and easiest online gaming mode available. One of the biggest advantages of the Cloud based gaming is that the user can experience a console free gaming and access it from anywhere. The gamers can experience an all-new level of interactive games and a wider reachability to audience.

Real-time Multiplayer Games – Multiplayer Games have been always hit and attracting more gamers, but with the rise of real time games like Online Poker and Draw Something, gaming has reached a different level. Moreover, with the cloud gaming system becoming more popular the scope for real-time game development has advanced. This new trend has improved the scope for game developers, and users are given a chance to experience games outside the game consoles. Game apps have seized the mobile device market including the Smartphones and Tablets.

Augmented Reality – AR or Augmented Reality might sound like a new concept for most people, but as the term suggests it enhances your reality providing you with an enhanced visual. With this new concept stepping into the gaming sector, gamers become a part of the game or can experience it much better than playing in a console. AR has definitely changed the concept of traditional gaming, letting the gamer interact with his environment.

Author Bio:

Stacey is a copywriter with Zco Corporation interested in mobile game app development and 3D character animation.



Date added: 15/04/2013 Is the Samsung Galaxy S4 about to Smash iPhone 5 sales?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be released in a short time.  There is all sorts of buzz about some of the great features that this phone will have and about the ways it will be different from, and better than, the iPhone 5.  For those who are tired of the iPhone, who prefer Android systems, or who just like Samsung phones in general this is exciting news. 

For this review, there are two main features in particular that make the Samsung Galaxy S4 a much better phone than anything else on the market at the moment.  The first is the fabulous camera that is built into this phone and the second is the ability to have expandable storage. Other cool features are then discussed. So let's dive in.



The Camera

I admit it, the camera on my phone is probably more important to me than the ability to call or text.  After all, even a basic phone from 7 or 8 years ago let me talk to others and text them as well.  I no longer own a separate phone; my cell phone is my camera and this is true for so many people nowadays. 

The better the camera a phone has the more interested many of us will be in owning that model.  The Galaxy S4’s 13 megapixel camera far outshines the iPhone 5’s 8 megapixels.  The Samsung camera is easy to use and the photos are easy to edit and view. 

There are far more filters and special effects with the Samsung and the new Eraser Shot feature even allows you to remove things from a picture that you do not want there.  The new Dual camera shooting mode allows the back facing 13 megapixel camera and the front facing 2 megapixel camera to take photos simultaneously and displays them side by side. 

These can even be displayed as a picture in picture so that the shooter of a photo is still in the shot if he or she wants to be.  With such unique features and such a high quality camera the Samsung s4 has me waiting anxiously for its release.


I keep a lot of pictures on my phone; I love to show and share pictures with family and friends and I want them at my fingertips.  I also love games and other fun apps and I need to have notes, lists and all sorts of other data and information with me in a format that makes them easy to access.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the perfect phone for those of us that have a lot of stuff to carry around on our phones.



It has the standard storage levels that an iPhone 5 has but it has the ability to add a MicroSD card that can expand memory by as much as a full 64 GB doubling the storage this phone offers.  This is an exciting feature.  Even those that start off with a smaller amount of storage can expand this capability. 

Furthermore, imagine all of the scenarios in which having data saved on a removable card that can be read on a computer or tucked away for safe keeping that could exist.  The idea that I can store more is quite appealing and makes this phone even more interesting.

Other Features

Besides my two favorite features, the new Samsung Galaxy 4S is loaded with features that others will find impressive and may indeed make this the phone to own.  The display screen is a full 5 inches making it excellent for video viewing and capable of displaying more apps per screen.  The display is also even sharper and the resolution is better than that of the iPhone making the whole experience with this phone far more enjoyable than other phones on the market.

Comparison video of the Ssamsung Galaxy S4 with the iPhone 5:


Samsung phones are Android phones; many people prefer this over the Apple iOS because they feel the Android phone is more easily customized or personalized to suit the individual user. For Samsung television owners this phone can even be used as a remote control.  The Galaxy will be available for all major cell phone carriers which means no one will be left out and all customers can opt for this advanced, exciting, and fun phone.

The endless new features and the steady and reliable performance of the whole Samsung line make the new Galaxy S4 an exciting entry onto the cellular phone market that will surely rival the iPhone 5 in both excitement and sales.

Check out our cool range of Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases along with our wide selection of cool iPhone 5 cases if you're sticking with Apple. Let the Samsung & Apple battle continue!



Date added: 13/03/2013 Our Top Picks From The World Mobile Congress 2013

Our Top 4 Picks From The World Mobile Congress 2013

The World Mobile Congress always has the potential to spring up a few surprises and like the earlier editions, the World Mobile Congress 2013 did not disappoint. There weren’t too many path breaking developments, announcements or exhibitions but what did roll out and became public are enough to give the giants in the tech world a few sleepless nights.

Here is our pick of 4 amazing developments in the world of smart phone, tablets and operating systems that were unveiled at the World Mobile Congress 2013.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Android has come a long way from its initial days when it looked clunky and was nowhere close in the features and apps category as its archrival iOS from Apple. Ever since, several companies have taken the brainchild of Google and molded it into many things. Through the different éclair, sandwich and many other interim versions, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is a reality today. Anyone and everyone at the World Mobile Congress 2013 or those who have already been enticed by the new devices sporting Android 4.1 Jelly Bean are mighty impressed.



The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is fast, instantaneously responsive, shows no sign of slowing down, can multitask like no other mobile operating system and it is ably powered by phenomenal battery and backed by associated features. The Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is set to become the next blue eyed boy and if the smart phones and tablets can use it well then some people may have a bit of a run for their money at Cupertino.

Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 is not really a new development and we have all seen it before the World Mobile Congress but the new Nokia Lumia 720 demands a fresh relook. Not much changed from the earlier versions that were used in the 920 or 820 series but there has been definite tweaking to speed things up. Windows 8 doesn’t crash, can be easily navigated, the speed is better but what entices and will impress more people are the new integrated features. The display with ClearBlack filter, the responses to navigational gestures, the new look of the Lumia, the SkyDrive and LED flash are all features that people would love to have in their phones.


The FonePad is one of the more affordable devices from Asus. Those who cannot probably lay their hands on the PadFone Infinity can do with the reasonably priced but Android 4.1 Jelly Bean powered FonePad.


Sony Xperia Z

Many may fret at the idea of Sony Xperia being anywhere as a top pick but the Xperia Z tablet is not like the earlier models with technical glitches and mediocre appeal. The company has decided to set things right and with the super thin, super light attracting case, quad core Qualcomm processor, it is making all the right moves. Then again, there is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that can be upgraded to 4.2 to root for.




Date added: 13/12/2012 iPad Mini Review

Apples latest entrance into the 7 inch tablet market starts with their “iPad Mini” made to compete with a heavy consumer market and with the tablets like the nexus 7 etc.

The iPad mini simply put is a shrunk down iPad 2nd Gen but don’t let a scale down model deceive you. Built small with big possibilities.


The iPad mini houses a new 7.9 inch screen with two black/white wifi and 4G LTE models. Mini comes with the previous A5 CPU processor with iOS 6 stock on the device. While hardware changes are nothing monumental they’re actually a downgrade. Taking the older A5 CPU, non-retina display and other matters to try to not only save on cost but to make room for future upgrades.


Features of the new iPad mini really don’t differ from the rest its simply smaller and more portable with the same resolution as the iPad 4th gen. This allows for universal app scaling across all devices, no app is out of resolution your experience be it on the mini or full sized iPad it remains the same. Check out our range of iPad mini cases.



Along with the new iPad mini form factor it comes coupled with two cameras for facetime and or pictures/video. The form factor simply makes taking your tablet on the go that much more easier, its every bit an iPad in terms of performance and iOS 6 isn’t scaled down in anyway. The unification goes greatly across the apple lineup and integrates its cheapest iPad yet. Priced at £269 it offers a cheaper tablet to a consumer base thats used to paying a £400+ premium. Now while compared to the Nexus 7 and Amazon Fire its still on the pricey side for the low down specs and lack of retina display.


Overall the iPad Mini isn’t for everyone but at the same time it is, the 7 inch form factor is one that simply just fits most peoples lifestyle easy to take along and still offers great performance, in the end it comes down to an iPad scaled to smaller form factor and if that fits your lifestyle then this is the tablet for you. Though bear in mind as the iPad Mini  released rumors have already surfaced that a new retina model will be in effect in the coming months which only make sense upgrade path wise. Apple could’ve pushed this product beyond by integrating the 7.9 retina display with some extra hardware yet they came up just a little short. It still manages 10+ hours of battery life which makes it still a great everyday use device that may even fill the computer gap for some users. Whether its family, friends and or tech-experts this device fits a market for any sort of user. It’s really a product and form factor someone needs to experience and hold to understand the comfort levels and see the practicality it can play in everyday life. Sometimes great things really do come in small packages.




Date added: 16/07/2012 iPhone 5 design leak!?

Everybody wants to know exactly when the iPhone 5 is getting released,

but as usual Apple are keeping their lips sealed.

However there is a rumoured design leak that has broken out,

and we have a snippet of how the new iphone 5 may look;


Apple iPhone rumoured to start with a change in back


Date added: 28/05/2012 Fresh Look

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Date added: 28/05/2012 iPad 2 Vs iPad 3

People who haven't yet purchased their first tablet may be thinking if it's

worth going for the latest iPad from Apple.

Known as The New iPad, does it meet the hype and deliver?


Here's a quick break down of the differences between

the best two devices available on the market today: