Ace Armour HTC One FULL BODY Shield Invisible Screen Protector - Front, Back & Side Shields

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Ace Armour Key Features

  • Our invisible screen protector shield offers a 360° degree FULL body safeguard for your HTC One
  • Uses tough military grade materials that are extremely durable and scratch proof compared to other alternatives
  • Ultra clear & very thin, virtually invisible
  • Each kit includes: 1x full body shields (Front, Back & Sides), premium micro fibre cleaning cloth, application squeegee, and instructions
  • Exclusive product from Ace Case 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product

Ace Armour Description

Ace Armour exclusively brings you the HTC One invisible screen protector shield. The product includes front, back and side shields offering a fantastic 360° degree protection for your device.

The screen protector is made from a military grade material originally used to protect helicopter blades in the army. It uses a special durable, scratch proof material that gives your HTC One the ultimate protection.

The Ace Armour protection shields are precision cut so that each piece fits perfectly. Once applied it's very thin and ultra clear, so you can hardly tell it's on. Touch screen functionality is not affected at all.

No residue is left behind on your device if the shield needs to be taken off.


The Kit will include the following:

·         1x Ace Armour Shield, Full body Invisible Screen Protector (front, back & sides)

·         1x Premium micro fibre cleaning cloth

·         1x Application Squeegee

·         Application Instructions

The full invisible shield comes with a detailed step by step guide on how to apply the product to your HTC One. Please follow these instructions precisely to get the best possible application. Please note: the product needs to be applied with a very small amount of water (the same as all the other screen protectors of this kind). This is to help the alignment and allows the product to set onto your device offering maximum protection compared to the cheap alternatives around. It leaves no residue on your device if it needs to be taken off.


Click here for the Step by Step Guide on how to install your Ace Armour product.

You can also buy this item from our Amazon store here: Ace Armour HTC One Invisible Screen Protector Shield (Front, Back and Sides)


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