Repair your Water Damaged Mobile Phone with this PROVEN Solution - Revive a Phone


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Discover the Secret to Fixing your Water Damaged Mobile Phone...

SAVE your device with this PROVEN 5 Step Solution







Would you know what to do if you drop your mobile phone in water?!

Follow this PROVEN 5 step guide to SAVE your device:



Step 1

To begin with, pour the Reviveaphone solution into the pouch.


Step 2

Before placing your phone into the pouch containing the Reviveaphone solution, make sure your phone is switched off,

and if possible (depending on type of smartphone) remove battery.


Leave phone in solution/pouch for 7 minutes to allow the Reviveaphone solution to work its magic.


Step 3

Carefully remove your phone from the pouch and place onto the tray.


Step 4

It is recommended that you leave your phone in the tray to dry for 24 hours.


Step 5

After 24 hours have passed, turn on your phone and it should now be working as usual. If you’re still having problems and find your phone is still not fully restored,

then you should leave it in the tray for another 24 hours.


It may take up to 3-4 days for screens to completely dry, so please be patient.




Customer Testimonials & Reviews:



Saved my iPhone 5
This product does what it says, I thought my recently purchased iphone was gone forever,

but after trying this because of other peoples reviews, I am happy to say it it up and running again

By Diane Dennett


This product is AMAZING!! I didn’t think I was going to be able to use my phone again and then I saw revive a phone and it saved my phone.

I would highly recommend this product to EVERYONE!



Well, first of all. i wasn’t sure whether to buy this product as i thought there was no way it could help my completely water damaged iphone. as my screen was completely black. however for £15 i thought i may as well give it a try. to my surprise the product worked like a dream now my iphone is practically good as new. i believe this product is a must have for any water damaged phone/iphone as you will not believe the results it can have. 5 STAR PRODUCT!

By Hannah Watson


It worked for me
It worked despite phone fully immersed in water. Very odd having to immerse the phone back into a liquid,however,after drying in pouch with silica gel bag, turned phone on and it worked. Certainly worked for us. Happy daughter now!

By R.Moseley







I was a little sceptical before I purchased it, but I thought I've got nothing to loose, my iPhone was already dead. I followed the instructions and it WORKED!! Awesome product! Going to buy another just in case.

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